Our hands-on approach to innovation.

We help teams to build, test and perfect their product ideas through our structured collaborative workshops.

Our workshops: real skills, real progress, real impact

At Simlead, we believe in the power of collaboration and hands-on learning to spark innovation and drive growth. Our workshops are designed to transform your team's approach to problem-solving and decision-making, ensuring you create products that not only meet the market's needs but are also loved by your users.

Our approach is centered on what's in it for you: unlocking your team's latent potential and accelerating your path from ideation to market success. Through our workshops, we offer a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and execution. Each workshop/sprint is an opportunity to break down silos, foster a culture of innovation, and create a shared language for growth. With Simlead, your team won't just adapt to the future; they'll shape it, turning ambitious visions into tangible successes.

Explore our Workshops

Product Strategy Sprint

Strategize today, lead tomorrow

Where do you want your product to be in a year? Or five? Our Product Strategy Sprint is about plotting that course. We combine market insights, user research, and competitive analysis to help you craft a strategy that's not just a document—it's a roadmap to industry leadership.

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Product Design Sprint

From problem to prototype in just 4 days

Inspired by GV's sprint methodology, our Design Sprint workshop is a pressure cooker for your biggest product challenges. In just 4 days, we'll take you from a vague problem statement to a tested prototype. It's intense, it's productive, and it might just be the catalyst your project needs.

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Design Thinking Workshop

Transforming Insights into Action

Dive deep into the heart of design thinking with our interactive workshop. This isn't just another buzzword session; it's a journey from empathy to execution. Learn to see through your users' eyes, define critical problems, ideate creatively, prototype rapidly, and test to find viable solutions. It's hands-on, it's immersive, and it's designed to make you think differently.

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Product Feature Workshop

Engineering features that define success

Ever felt lost in the sea of feature possibilities? Our Product Feature Workshop is your compass. We'll guide your team through a series of structured activities to prioritize features based on user value and business impact. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a roadmap that aligns with your vision and your users' needs.

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Our workshops and sprints process
Discovery Call
Align on goals, define project outcomes expectations, and review the timeline.
Establish expectations and familiarize participants with the process and virtual design board.
Facilitated workshops with a focus on achieving the desired results.
Recap Deck
Shareable executive summary of sprint results.
Let's talk
This is an open-ended conversation with zero-commitment.  We will conduct an informal audit of your current challenges and ask some guided scoping questions so we'll each have enough information to move forward.