2-day intensive
innovation bootcamp

Where Ideas Meet Execution: Transforming Vision into Value

Training dates

11-12 July 2024
Limassol, 12 places left
19-20 Februry 2025
Nicosia, 12 places left
In-house at any time
from 3 participants

Why this bootcamp?

Holistic Approach: Design thinking, product innovation, leadership.
Real-World Application: Workshops, case studies, prototyping labs.
Collaborative Learning: Team workshops, creativity culture building
Expert Insights: Masterclasses on emerging technologies

Key Learnings:

Rapid Prototyping Mastery: Quickly turn ideas into testable models.
Strategic Innovation Frameworks: Apply leading strategies for market impact.
Leadership in Innovation: Cultivate a culture that embraces change.

About this bootcamp:

The Innovation Bootcamp designed to be your catalyst for change in the dynamic world of innovation. This immersive experience is thoughtfully crafted to blend the essence of design thinking, product innovation, and strategic leadership into a cohesive learning adventure.

Our bootcamp is more than just a series of sessions; it's a gateway to transforming how you approach challenges, create solutions, and lead teams towards breakthroughs.

Who Should Take Part?

This program is crafted for both enterprise groups and individuals eager to leverage practical design thinking, embrace user-centric design strategies, and adopt innovative practices. It's customizable for teams across physical, digital, design, customer experience, product development, and operations.
Design Teams
Engineering Teams
Technology Teams
Fast Growing Teams
Marketing Teams
Enterpreneuers, Freelancers
Operational Teams

How is this bootcamp

Day 01

Ideation and Concept Development

• Arrival and Breakfast
• Check-in
• Keynote: The innovation mindset
• Interactive Workshop: Unlocking Creativity
• Ideation Sprint
🍔 Lunch break
• Opportunity Spotting Workshop
• Team Formation and Concept Development
🍻 After-work drink with participants and trainer (optional)
Day 02

Prototyping and Pitching

• Arrival and Breakfast
• Check-in
• Keynote: Making Ideas tangible
• Prototyping Workshop
• User testing and feedback loops
🍔 Lunch break
• Pitch Crafting Workshop
• Pitch Rehearsals
• Pitch Fest
🍻 After-work drink with participants and trainer (optional)

Program Impact & Differentiators


Creative & Strategic Mastery

Elevate your creative confidence and strategic thinking to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions.


Leadership & Culture Transformation

Gain insights to lead innovation projects and cultivate a culture of innovation within your team or organization.


Product Innovation with Emerging Tech

Harness emerging technologies and strategic frameworks to advance product innovation.


Theory & Practice Integration

Our bootcamp uniquely merges theoretical knowledge with practical skills, ensuring comprehensive understanding and application.


Resilient Team Building

Special focus on developing resilient innovation teams, preparing you to sustain and lead innovation efforts effectively.


Future-Ready Learning

Stay ahead with a curriculum that's continuously updated with the latest in innovation strategies and technologies, paired with personalized expert feedback.

What content is conveyed?

Due to the mass of information, getting started in the product and innovation world is not that easy. In our training we give you the knowledge from the latest and best books in those areas.

The Lean Startup
Eric Ries
Creative Confidence
Tom Kelley & David Kelley
Jake Knapp
The Innovator's Dilemma
Clayton M. Christensen
Blue Ocean Strategy
W. Chan Kim & Renée Mauborgne
Change by Design
Tim Brown

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Hands-on training to evolve into an innovation leader across two immersive and interactive days.
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Bootcamp for your team?

We bring the knowledge from design thinking and product innovation to your company. On-site or remote. From three people.