Simlead Product Strategy Sprint

Finding your North Star metric.

What is a product strategy sprint?

A product strategy sprint draws together the business strategy and design thinking approaches, to provide a coherent approach to new product development. The team will investigate challenges and opportunities during this sprint, identify upon the biggest problems, and align behind a clear purpose, vision, and roadmap for the new product ecosystem.

Why product strategy sprint?

Product strategy is not optional. Delivering products that prioritize the demands of consumers while staying within budget and time restrictions is impossible by coincidence in today's fast-paced market landscape. A well-crafted product strategy may guide business choices at every level of your organization's operations, ensuring that all actions and stakeholders are in line with overall objectives. A product strategy sprint unites and motivates sponsors and significant stakeholders from every point along the value chain, giving the justification for more funding and guidance for the next phase of product development and lean experiments.

Process. How it works?

Workshop 01

Discover and Alignment

- Explore the potential space
- Align on the most important opportunities

Workshop 02

Inspiration and Ideation

- Examples for comparable solutions from other industries
- Generate of solution concepts

Workshop 03

Solution Roadmap

High-level plan for exploring, validating, and then executing the proposed solution concepts.


Prioritize solutions

- Workshop outcomes
- Recommendnext steps

What is the outcome?

A product strategy sprint produces a stakeholder pack, which is essential for many product teams since it vividly illustrates the engaging story of the product strategy. The most significant outcome of a Product Strategy Sprint is the roadmap, on which a large number of viable solutions are prioritized and planned out based on the biggest, most significant opportunities and challenges.

Do you still have a question about the Product Strategy Sprint?

When does a product strategy sprint make sense?

Product strategy sprints are most effective when one or more of the following conditions are met: There have been many experiments, but there have been no live products. There is a lack of stakeholder alignment and support in terms of funding and resources. There is a lack of technical and operational engagement. Lack of clear product vision. Confusion over the product proposition and the value model.

Who on my team should participate in the product strategy sprint?

A product strategy sprint team should ideally include four to seven participants. The team may include a CEO and numerous professionals in marketing, sales, UX design, strategy and development. It's crucial to gather as many different and thorough viewpoints on your product ecosystem as you can.

What happens after the product strategy sprint?

Bring your product concepts to life with a Product Design Sprint, the most effective method for developing, testing, and validating new products and features. In just two weeks, the product design sprint produces a fully user-tested, de-risked, high-fidelity product prototype. Perform this independently and internally - or with us.

Do you run fully remote product strategy sprint?

We do, indeed. The virtual product strategy sprint team does not need to have special abilities or expertise with remote work because we're utilizing basic tools. Each activity and tool we use for our remote Product Strategy Sprints will be explained to participants as they follow along with the process.