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We are more than an agency.
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Approach. Tangible innovation that delivers impact requires
vision and a clear strategy

Simlead is a product design, strategy and innovation agency based in Cyprus. We specialize in product strategy, product design sprints and workshop design, to help product leaders and cross functional teams launch new products, solve complex business challenges, improve their team collaboration and fully unleash their potential.

Our size allows us to stay agile, nimble, collaborative, and focused on every turn. We are dedicated to creating top-notch products and services without wasting your time or budget, thanks to our highly efficient small team and a carefully chosen dynamic network of specialists. We believe good design feels, communicates and works in a human way.

That’s what drive us.
That’s what we’re all about.

Leading innovation through strategic design.


01. Give the best service and experience

We want people to feel special when they work with us.

02. Pursue growth and learning

We love learning, adapting and figuring new things out. This helps us to grow as company as well as in person.

03. Relationships are everything

We are people serving people.

04. We are together

Creating great solutions to complex problems requires excellent collaboration. Our work is centered on collaboration: trasparent, honest and frequently.

05. We do the dirty job

We're ready to get our hands dirty with whatever you put on our table. Honestly. That's how we get things done.

why Simlead?

Many folks can get to the finish line, but Simlead’s way is faster.


Remote-first mindset

Our services have been designed to be delivered remotely, leading in an environment that is even more effective and empowered.


We make it happen

We are here to help you get to the market, get results, scale and grow.


Product-driven culture

We treat your products like our own, and our entire team is focused on solving user challenges.


Visualized discussions

This levels the playing field and allows the strongest (not the loudest) ideas to surface.


We work together, alone

We work towards a common goal, as individuals. No groupthink, no undue influence or bias.


We don’t rely on creativity

You don’t need to be creative to come up with strong ideas. Our process provides a framework to ideate.


Focus on your challenge

We work exclusively on your project. This focus is a hallmark of high performance and delivers exceptional outcomes.


Cross-functional team

We will assemble a cross-functional team to work on your product, fostering creativity from several fields.

Our Founder’s story

“Based on our first-hand experiences from top research, engineering and product agencies, we realized how many people lacked the necessary strategy and design tools, to successfully introduce their concepts to the market. Companies were less interested in developing user-friendly, compelling products to empower their customers, or even conducting research to identify prospective innovation paths.

We quickly recognized this as a market opportunity: establish our own path to market by combining strategy with product design and innovation, which can successfully bring any product to market and eventually create a unique and sustainable experience. Therefore, in 2019 we pooled our resources and diverse skill sets to make this chance a reality.

Building brands via the perspective of product development, as well as empowering individuals into the design thinking mindset, has always been a driving force for us. We're continuously trying to figure out how to create products and stuff that consumers will love and that will help companies to grow."

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