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Design Sprint

Corporate Innovation: from big problems to customer-tested solutions
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In the dynamic landscape of modern business, many companies encounter challenges in reshaping their strategies.

At Simlead, our mission is to guide organizations through this transformation by addressing three common obstacles:

🚫 Overwhelming project queues and persistent uncertainty.

🚫 Insufficient cross-functional collaboration leading to isolated efforts.

🚫 Lack of a structured approach to fuel the innovation journey.
Innovation thrives when everyone is aligned.

Our approach focuses on laying a rock-solid foundation that facilitates:

⚑ Unified tools and consistent terminology

⚑ Cohesive methodologies and engaging exercises

⚑ Well-defined, actionable processes

Unlock the Power of Innovation with Simlead's Design Sprint Discovery!

The Design Sprint drives success at...

...but aren't just for top-tier companies!

Design Sprints can help any company develop solutions to big challenges.

Our training provides a comprehensive overview of the five phases of design sprints and equips your team with the tools and techniques needed to create innovative solutions.

🌟 What is the Design Sprint Discovery

The Design Sprint Discovery is an intensive, hands-on training designed to equip your team with the tools and mindset needed to tackle complex challenges and ignite innovation. Guided by seasoned experts from Simlead, you'll learn how to streamline your processes, break down silos, and foster a culture of collaboration.

πŸ”₯ Why Participate?

βœ… 360Β° understanding of Design Sprints and their applications.
βœ… Practical techniques to foster cross-functional collaboration.
βœ… Acquire a toolkit of strategies to drive innovation with confidence.
βœ… Gain hands-on experience through interactive exercises.

🀯 What to expect?

⚑1-day Design Sprint Discovery Training, in-person or online
⚑Practical exercises to be practiced in small groups
⚑In-depth case studies
⚑Practical tools and templates
⚑Lots of Q&As with room for questions and exchanges

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This training is perfect for challenges in start-ups, medium-sized businesses, or large corporations.

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What to expect from the
Design Sprint Discovery training?

🌟 A Paradigm Shift: Embrace a new way of thinking and problem-solving.
πŸ”₯ Hands-On Learning: Dive deep into interactive exercises and real-world case studies.
πŸ’‘ Proven Strategies: Uncover the secrets behind top-tier companies' success.
🌐 A Unified Team: Forge stronger bonds through collaborative experiences.
πŸš€ Confidence in Innovation: Equip yourself to lead your organization's change.

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Our Design Sprint Trainings Solutions

Design Sprint Discovery -
Corporate Innovation

1 day workshop

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Design Sprint -
Advanced Facilitation

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Design Sprint Pro -

5 days + preparation

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Do you still have a question about the Product Design Sprint?

When does a design sprint make sense?

A design sprint is always beneficial if your team wants to take on more significant or all-encompassing difficulties; e.g: developing whole new products, features, or structures. When it comes to adjusting small text, layout, or design changes, a design sprint is not appropriate.

Who on my team should participate in the Design Sprint?

A design sprint team should ideally include four to seven members. The team may include a CEO and numerous professionals in marketing, sales, UX design, and development,. In the sprint, Simlead assumes the duties of sprint master, UX designer and prototyper. It's crucial to gather as many different and thorough viewpoints on your product as you can. We challenge the selection of the sprint team collectively throughout the planning stage for the design sprint.

I already have a product. Does a design sprint then make sense?

Definitely! Any methods or exercises employed during the sprint may be applied to both the creation of fresh digital/physical products and the enhancement of current ones. The sprint goal's specific articulation in advance is the only thing that matters in this situation.

What can I develop with a Design Sprint?

The creation of physical products, hardware, apps, SAAS platforms, software applications, B2C & B2B platforms is the obvious emphasis of our design sprint.

Do we need to commit to every day?

No. We just need your participation for the first two days of our sprints because of the way they are set up. On the last day, it is advised to watch user testing in progress.

What happens after the Design Sprint?

You now gain practical knowledge. Your team has the option of continuing where we left off and bringing the solution to market as soon as feasible or performing a second iterative Sprint.

Do you run fully remote Design Sprints?

We do, indeed. The virtual Design Sprint team does not need to have special abilities or expertise with remote work because we're utilizing basic tools. Each activity and tool we use for our remote Design Sprints will be explained to participants as they follow along with the process.

Do you offer Design Sprint training?

Yes, using cutting-edge Design Sprint facilitation approaches, our Design Sprint Training will teach you how to use the most recent version of the Sprint. We customize the training material to your organization's workflow and the demands of your team and product based on our expertise managing Design Sprints. Our training bootcamp is ideal for problems in giant organizations, medium-sized enterprises, or start-ups. All you need is an interdisciplinary team and a proper, pertinent task.